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Winners will receive a FREE Organic Acai bowl, which is the perfect brain food to keep you going! ***All other participants will receive 10% off any purchase (just show this Freetisimo offer).
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Winners will receive a FREE organic Acai bowl, which is the perfect brain food to keep you going! **All other participants will receive 10% off any purchase. (Text David Goodwin when you go pick up your Freeward 951-315-1733. He'll help serve you).


Look what I found in Riverside. It's the only grocery store in the city that only sells Organic produce, milk, bread, etc. nothing has to be labeled or segregated into organic and regular produce because everything is sold here is 100% Organic. One one side of the store there is a deli, food bar, grill etc. and the opposite side there is a juice/ coffee bar/ with sofas and a fire place. So you can catch up on your reading. Both sides have wifi, and there is a beautiful patio out side. Giving you access to the Juice bar and or the deli. Once again everything sold/ cooked here is 100% organic. My kind of store. — Gerald


Martin Goodwin, a third generation grocery retailer, saw a real need to help people improve the quality and length of their lives by providing the most whole and pure Organic foods and drinks available. There were some challenges to overcome, including sorting out the clutter of terms surrounding foods: Antibiotic free. Organic. All natural. No hormones. Locally grown. All of them have their benefits. Unfortunately, when most people hear or see “natural” or any number of the other terms, they assume “Organic” as well. Not so. After months of visiting a number of “health food” stores and “natural markets” Martin thought, “It would be great to walk into a market with the assurance that everything in the store is certified Organic. No checking labels. No concerns that part of what you’re enjoying on a break between classes or bringing home to your family that evening is going to be laden with contaminants.” Goodwin’s Organic Foods & Drinks was born. More than a store, Goodwin’s is committed to creating a community dedicated to enjoying life – at the market and online – and we invite you to be a part of it. There’s more information throughout our web-blog-site, so take a look at each section. You’ll see that what we’re ultimately committed to is your health and wellbeing; helping you to vitalize your living. We’re glad you’re here, and look forward to visiting with you in person at the lounge in the market.

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191 W. Big Springs Road Riverside, CA 92507

(951) 682-2667