Planet Beach - Murrieta

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Enjoy one free automated spa service of your choice. 951-304-3337


Spa Services include: hydro massage, andullation therapy, red light therapy, lumiere facial, hydro-derma fusion, Jade Fuzion, Sunlighten mPluse, teeth whitening, and UV tanning.


Planet Beach is a futuristic relaxation station where state-of-the-art machines administer all the services. The warm whirlpool action taking place beneath the cushion of the Hydro-Massage bed relieves stress and muscle tension, leaving bodies as relaxed as a hypnotherapist's pet rock. The infrared heat and nutrient-shrouding steam of the Hydro-Derma Fusion machine moisturizes parched pores and surge skin-collagen production, and fine lines and pigmentation problems flee from the therapeutic light of the Luminous facial, an FDA-approved treatment designed to illuminate skin from within. Tanning beds deliver a sun-kissed pelt, while Red-Light Therapy, the newest addition to the Planet Beach family, uses infrared light to deliver therapeutic treatments.

The Company

40250 Murrieta Hot Springs Suite 112 Murrieta CA 92563